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PARTICIPANTS/STUDENTS: We can provide awards/certificates that include a coupon for a free, delicious product from McDonald’s, to encourage your students/participants to reach their goals! One of our yummy treats is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face! These are provided FREE of charge.

SCHOOL STAFF: WE APPRECIATE SCHOOL STAFF EVERY DAY!! Show your SCHOOL DISTRICT OR MSU ID at ANY of our R&S Food McDonald’s locations and receive your choice of:


MCDONALD’S NIGHTS – Your organization selects a date and time period for your group to come to McDonald’s. We can help create flyers that can be copied and distributed to advertise your event. Your organization receives 15% of the total sales (minus tax) that your organization brings in! We will send a check for the amount that your group earned within two weeks. Make it even more fun, have your group leaders/teachers work at McDonald’s that day or even set a theme for your fundraiser night for higher participation!!!

FUNDRAISER CARDS – Is your school or group putting together a fundraising card? Email us and we will be glad to send you an offer! Contact:


  • Your group pre-sells tickets starting at $3.00 each. You pay McDonald’s $1.50 for each ticket that is redeemed during the time of your event.
  • Your group keeps the entire ticket sales price for all tickets that are not redeemed!
  • The group leader/contact will pay McDonald’s their portion for the redeemed tickets immediately following the event. (Tickets are good for hotcakes only. All other items will be sold at regular menu price.)